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Anthem Interactive is NOW Pineapple Can Marketing!

We Welcome you to our new home and look to provide BETTER services moving forward!!!

We offer a wide range of marketing services to help customize a plan that directly effects your specific business needs, not just what’s trendy.


Clients work with us for one main differentiator, we focus on the foundations of marketing. No matter the platform, the marketing basics ALWAYS apply, this is what drives traffic.  This is why OUR leads are not only relevant, they also convert! We build and create a solid marketing base to build off of, focusing on organic traffic, CTA’s (call to actions), social media presence, SEO and more. New marketing and social platforms will continue to arise and our clients are prepared to pass on what’s not relevant, or jump right in establishing themselves as an expert in their industry. We offer a range of consulting and training packages in a range of subject areas to best meet your business needs. If you prefer to have a company like us transform your marketing and online presence, we have programs that may be right up your street. We will walk you through the process.


Pineapple Can is devoted to working with business owners and their staff in teaching, learning, and implementing, solid marketing tactics to drive targeted traffic and efficient marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

  • Done With You Services – we have an awesome team ready to manage your marketing initiatives

  • Training/Consulting – We work with business owners directly or in meeting with their staff

  • How To Guidebooks – access to guidebooks to walk you through doing it yourself. You can even use these Guidebooks to get paid to do them for other companies too!


We take over your social media profiles and put your best face forward. PERCEPTION IS REALITY in business. When a potential client visits your social accounts, they need to see high level content that best reflects your brand. Custom crafted content, graphics and more are created specific to your industry and target market. The more information you provide (promos, graphics of product, list of services) the better. We will still do the research on our end to ensure we have it right.

Don’t have time to get all the details together? No worries, we have an on-boarding team that help pull it all together.

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Need to be found on page 1 of Google? I bet you do!

It’s not rocket science to rank page 1, but it is a puzzle and a puzzle we play very well. Our team will evaluate where you are at currently, where the missing pieces are within the online sphere, and put an action plan to make it happen.


You can have your team do the implementation and we’ll show them! OR our team LOVES to do the implementation too.

To LEARN MORE call or text (720) 985-9143

Is your business maximizing it’s revenue potential?

Marketing and Sales should work hand in hand, however we know this is most often not the case. Our team will come in and evaluate many faucets of your business to determine:

  • high profit areas of service
  • low barrier of entry services to establish a base
  • untapped revenue
  • add on revenue that compliments your business

This also includes:

  • untapped avenues of revenue
  • establish marketing systems to free up time for revenue generating activities

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There is 100% a difference between having a web designer build a website VS having a marketing company build your website!!!

btw we are a marketing company 🙂

Understanding the difference and select what’s right for you. SEO can be built into a site later to FIX a site, however when done right, it’s built into parts of the site from the beginning (some elements are hard to change and make a HUGE impact – like permalinks).

We don’t just built pretty websites, we build sites that are developed from a marketing mindset. It’s important to understand:

  • the overall goal to drive revenue!!!!!
  • what’s needed for ADA compliance
  • call to action boxes
  • optimized SEO (including the graphics!!)  <– this is huge
  • resource articles (aka blogs)
  • navigation and hot spots
  • responsive (think mobile and ipad friendly)

To LEARN MORE call or text (720) 985-9143

You have a marketing team in place or maybe you have someone on staff delegated to handle your marketing initiatives…this is AWESOME. We often work with companies of all sizes in many ways to best fit your goals.

We have an intake process to ensure we capture the current marketing process and initiatives taking place. From this data, we are then able to put a plan of action into place for training. The plan needs to meet the current and future needs of your company. It needs to be manageable for whatever staff you have in place.


  • Operating manuals
  • Social media
  • Marketing concepts
  • Revenue development
  • Email Marketing Automation campaigns for work flow management
  • and many more

To LEARN MORE call or text (720) 985-9143

We are extremely honest in our review of your business. It’s our job to communicate to you the pros and cons of what is taking place to consider the best avenue that makes sense for your business. Marketing is about product or service position. Most business owners are an expert in their business, we like to help enhance what you already know and put it in front of others.

Business owners like having us in their back pocket:

  • bounce ideas off it
    • new services, systems, marketing ideas, etc
  • feedback on marketing content and collateral
    •   imagine sending out a postcard campaign and missing a key element to drive calls
  • Most often we are less expensive then hiring a CMO (chief marketing officer)
  • Other business owner advice is what works in their business for their market, that may not be YOUR market.

To LEARN MORE call or text (720) 985-9143




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